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Arbutus care guide


Arbutus Watch Care Guide


Avoid wearing the watch in an environment that is above 60°C or below -10°C for prolonged periods.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide

Sea Water

If the watch comes in contact with seawater, do not operate the crown until the watch is fully clean with a damp cloth.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide

Authorized Agents

We recommend that you have your Arbutus watch checked by authorized agents only.

Improperly or incorrectly performed Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing voids the warranty.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide


Avoid exposing the leather straps to water or strong light for prolonged periods.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide

Heat & Steam

Do not wear the watch in hot showers, sauna, steam rooms or baths as the heat might cause the watertight ring to expand and damage the watch movement.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide


Avoid direct contact with any kinds of solvents, detergents, perfume, cosmetics, and other chemicals.

Arbutus Watch Care Guide


Ordinary crowns should be pushed back to their original position, and screw-down crowns should be dry and dust-free before fully tightened.

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