Our Story | ARBUTUS

Ingenuity makes every moment count. It has been over 20 years since Arbutus amalgamated precise mechanical movements with classic art designs and launched its first automatic watch series.

In the early 80s, Quartz analog watches used to be the main focus of Arbutus. However, the success of the mechanical series in 1998 brought great inspiration and the transition to an all-mechanical movement brand started in 2000.

Continually refining the art, Arbutus began launching Limited Editions to celebrate milestones of craftsmanship. This includes the Skeleton Tourbillon in 206, the 18K Rose Gold Diamond Watch with Swiss Made Automatic Chronograph movement in 2008 and the Space Shuttle Automatic Tourbillon in 2008.

Movements are the heart of a mechanical watch; therefore it requires most time and effort to perfect. Since 2008, Arbutus has been in collaboration with a movement manufacturer to tailor specific movement parts to greatly increase precision.


“Feel the style, wear the craft”, the motto the Arbutus team carry together to bring forth distinction.




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