Day Date Month Multifunction Movement Manual

Congratulations on your new Arbutus watch!

In efforts to become more environmentally friendly, Arbutus is becoming more digital.  Your watch manual will now be available online by simply scanning the QR code on your warranty card or visiting our website.


Operational Manual

5.1 Time & Date Setting

    1. Pull the crown out to position 2 (1 click out) to adjust to correct time, the 24Hr hand and Sun & Moon phase disc at 6 o'clock will adjust automatically
    2. Turn the crown counter clockwise until past 2400 (midnight) and adjust to correct time
    3. Or Press S1 to perform quick date change
    5.2 Day & Month Setting
    1. Press S2 to adjust to correct day
    2. The Day Hand will jump automatically under normal use
    3. Press S3 to adjust to correct month
    Remark: Months have be to manually adjusted




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